Would it be fair to say…..

General Motors Corporation
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I told you so…..

In one of my earlier posts on this blog I wrote about how to rebuild GM.

My ideas centered around shrinking GM to just three core brands.

Basically it was simply going back to how the original creator of GM, William (Bill) Durant started the company.

For some reason beyond my belief though, GM still wants to hold on to GMC.

This could work if they make only a specific heavy duty truck.

However, if GMC makes any kind of product that is similar to their other products, more specifically Cheverolet – then they will strip sales away from the other brands.

In truth, now is not the time for the General to get sentimental with it’s brands.

By it’s own mis-handling of their company, they are now forced to take a hard stance in order to get back to profitability.

And if I were talking to the heads of GM, I’d simply tell them to pay attention to your customers.

There were plenty of indicators that consumers were falling out of love with the products that GM was producing long before they made it to the situation that they are in now.

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Add an exta stream of traffic to your blog

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Here’s a “look Ma, no hands” approach to getting traffic to visit your blog.

Communicate with the people whom you would like to drop by your blog.

Visit their blogs and join in on the conversation that’s going on there.

Post your comments to their blogs.

Do a google search for blogs that are based on your topic of choice and start communicating.

This will breed trust in you from the owners of that blog over time.

Oh, and don’t spam the blogs that you do find.

Forget about buying some nifty piece of software to make posting quicker, easier and faster.

Do the grunt work yourself.

Show the blog owner that you are a real person with opinions and views.

And pretty soon traffic will start to trickle in.

Then that traffic starts to gain momentum, and you will start to gather a following.

From there it’s just rinse and repeat.

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Learn the often missed warning signs that can lead to success

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An often missed warning sign that most people overlook when it comes to creating their own success is to simply find a product or service in a particular market that is creating a “disruption,” and either work with that company or sell their products or services.

By a disruption I mean that the normal way of doing things can be done in a much simpler way that is totally different then what people are used to.

For example.

How could apple come in so easily and take market share in the phone industry from well established phone makers like nokia and motorola?

Apple did it by creating a disruption.

They changed the way you used, and thought about your cell phone.

Touch screens, simple interfaces. These things allowed you to do the same things as handheld and flip phones, make calls, access stored information on the phone – but just more efficiently.

In fact, if you want to learn more about how to successfully create disruptions in markets, than apple is a good company to follow and study.

They also created a disruption in the music handset market with the ipod.

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A success tip that requires almost no investment, and you can begin using within 5 minutes of reading this message

Without a doubt…

Having a blog to use as a marketing tool is a really good idea.

It lets you keep in touch with your market…build trust with your readers…and offers a simple way to make a soft offer of your products.

However, what most people don’t understand about having a blog is that in order for you to get readers on a regular basis, you have to build up momentum.

You have to post to your blog on a regular basis in order to see traffic come by and read what you have to offer.

This was something that I always kind of knew….

But didn’t fully follow.

Until now.

Keep in mind that I operate 4 different blogs. So keeping them all up to date was really time consuming.

A post here, a post there….

That type of strategy never really turned out to be a winner.

However, by changing the way I used time,  I changed my results.

I’ve set limits on how much time I’ll spend on any one of my blogs. when that time is up, I move to the next blog.

That one step has allowed me to build momentum for each of my blogs.

And now the blogs are starting to take shape.

Try it.

Set time limits for your blogs.

Heck, set time limits for everything you do.

In a future post I’m going to talk about how you can use time as a tool to leapfrog your way to success.

Here’s my latest update and newest project

While I’ve been in hibernation from this blog for a little while, it didn’t mean that I wasn’t busy.

What exactly was I doing?

I decided to create a project for a local motorcoach company here in Chicago.

The idea was simple.

Create a community site where the people who ride and use their services could experience full transparency of the company.

By that I mean, people can express their displeasure with the company as well as what they liked.

It’s in it’s infancy right now.

However, with continued work I think this site will be a winner.

Check it out.


Are you ready to turn your website into a cash machine

I’ll be writing a new series of posts titled – 10 questions you need to ask yourself if your site isn’t making any sales.

The answers to these questions could be the difference between making a hundred dollars and making ten thousand.

You can even use what you’re going to discover to create a series of successful websites that sell products or services for you,

Be sure to check back to this site.


Are you tired of worrying about the economy

How much more fun would your life be if you didn’t, have to worry about the economy.

If you didn’t have to hear about another bailout for corporate America.

Where is your bailout?

Here’s how I want to help you through these troubling times.

One of my personal pet projects has been to create a community of high achievers.

Way before the economy headed south I started this community site.

However, I let the project fall behind.

But now I want to start it up again because I think it’s needed now more than ever.

You can check it out by going here.