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Are you ready to become a jedi master?

03250006_small.jpgI’ve often wondered what made the difference between the “Haves” and the “Have Nots.”

And to my surprise part of what makes the haves so much more successful is that they have become true masters.

Now when I say masters, I mean not of markets or strategies for building wealth.

What I mean is that they have become masters of themselves.

They have learned how to motivate themselves past defeat.

They no longer are affraid to take risks..but now they now that to become successful..taking risks are part of the formula.

So for you to become as successful as you’d like to be..

You have to have a healthy dose of risk in your life.

And you have to get use to it.

Also realize this…

you will stumble..

You will get some cuts and bruises…

But that should never be a reason for quitting.

You’ll also need to become a master of results.

The results that you will see will show you where you need to focus more of your attention in the future.

So if you have no results to work have no where to place your focus.

If you have no place to put your can’t become a success.



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