Master copywriter reveals his secret to using fear in his ads to get people to respond quickly

rfimages.jpgI recently asked a master copywriter who had written ads over his 24 year career that brought in over a 400 million dollars worth of sales and who told me he’d never speak to me again if I revealed his name here..

He’s kind of weird like that..he doesn’t want anyone to know anything about him.


I asked him what was his key to using fear in an ad to get the readers to take action.

His response was simple..

But very effective..

It was simply this.

In order to use fear in your ad to it’s most has to be a real fear.

It has to be something that the reader deep down has nightmares about..or that can drive him crazy if it wear to ever happen.

The guy that lives in a high crime neighborhood and who has just purchased a new car and just also found out from the police that 3 people on his block with cars just like his has had their vehicles stolen and the crooks are still out there is more likely to purchase a new car alarm from you then the person who lives in a more upscale neighborhood and has been informed that there hasn’t been any cars stolen from there in the last 13 years.

It’s true that even the guy in the upscale neighborhood could have his car stolen..

But the chances are less likely.

Having a person picture a fear that is most likely never going to happen to them doesn’t get them off the seat and ready to take action.

Sure they might think about it..but then it will be shortly dismissed.

So if you want to use fear in your ads..make sure it’s a real fear and not something you think could happen somewhere in the distant future.



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