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Quite honestly this has got to be the only skill you should learn to master in your entire life

75402666.jpgIf you can learn the fine art of writing direct response copy…

Then you’ll never want for money again.

This is a big statement I know..

But over the last several years of observing the top paying carreers in america..having the ability to write adcopy that sales is by far the best to have.

In the past when I was out pushing the nine to five gig..

I was always limited in my income.

I couldn’t make money when I wanted to…

I couldn’t make more money when I wanted to…

And it always seemed that my boss was from the land where bosses don’t know shit..

Bitching and mooaning…

Nothing was ever right..

even though the new orders would come pouring in every week.


It wasn’t until I came across a direct response ad that promised to show me the secrets to giving my boss the boot for good that I soon discovered a better way to happiness.

I eventually purchased the book..

And it didn’t even come close to living up to it’s promise.

The ideas inside the book were perfect..that is if the year was 1943 or something…

But I didn’t let that discourage me.

Because the whole idea of getting rid of my boss was something I wanted.

And knowing how to write good sales copy can do that for you.

I’ve made money from products or services that many other people before had in their possesion..but couldn’t sell.

Once I saw that.. I would strike up a deal with them to let me sell it for them and I would take a small cut of the sell for me doing so.

They usually agreed..and I would go on to sell the products or services.

A water balloon making service

A paper airplane instruction kit.

A motivational quote letter.

All of these were not in huge demand..

But still sold and the people who purchased them are still very happy for doing so.

By seeing opportunities and knowing how to write sales copy..I can act much faster and earn a profit.

I don’t need anyone to tell me it’s okay to do so..

Or get approval from some knucklehead..

But maybe you are saying, “This all sounds great keir, but what has that got to do with me?”

Well, regardless of what your chosen occupation is..

You should look to add the skill of writing ad copy to it.

Go to amazon and look up direct response and copywriting.

those are two places you can start to get your education.

You can also take a course on copywriting.

I took both of AWAI’s courses.

I also keep a library of books on copywriting as you should do as well.

The idea is to study copy until it hurts to even think about.

And then study some more.

Learning everything you can about it.

And then one day you too will be in a position to kick your boss to the curb.



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