How to turn your misfortune into a pot of gold that you can cash in on

75559489.jpgEver since I can remember..I was always a fan of how things worked online.

Specifically how people were able to create an ongoing income online.

This was a question that I would often ask people who I came across who were making a significant amount of money in their own business online.

Where did they get their idea from?

How did they fund their business?

what did they do when cashflow started to slow down.

These were just some of the questions I desperately wanted answered… you can imagine..getting the answers to those questions wasn’t easy.

For someone to just tell me their process of making money online was like asking for their social security number.

In other words..they wanted to keep their process a secret.

So that then left me with the question of what could I do to get these answers?

what I did next was simple.

I used the power of observation to see what was going on with their business.

and in doing so…

I noticed…

Two words…

Well make that three.

Compare and contrast.

Showing your previous screw ups and how you were able to turn things around goes a long way towards building and gaining trust.

Imagine when someone that you don’t even know is willing to share with you how bad things were before the fancy cars.

Before the month long vacations…

Before the lavish parties..

If they told you that they were just days away from foreclosure of their home.

Or that their car was just reposessed and now they had to work out a way to keep their job.

You’d slowly begin to let your guard down a little.

You might know of someone who personally went through what they were going through.

Or you might be going through it yourself…

The point here is this…

To start building a solid business that brings you more profits and more sales than your competition..

Show your before and after…

Think Subway..and Jared..

Think Jenny Craig…

Think proactive…

Nothing but before’s and after’s

So what kind of before and after can you offer your market?


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