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How free are you? Probably not as free as you might think

73046654.jpgYour fears, doubts, anxieties, resentments, addictions…etc…

These are the tools used by your ego to control your behavior and life choices.

If you currently are at a point in your life where you are unhappy with your accomplishments..then you can rest assured that some of these tools of your ego are to blame.

Anytime your negative emotions become strong enought to control your life..they can control your behavior as well..and therby limit your choices in life and will overrule any attempt on your part to attract anything positive to you.

So what should you do then?

You’ve got to decide right now to shoot down all of the negativity in your life.

You’ve got to decide that from today won’t live in the past.

Your future is far to important to be worried about the past.


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