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Successful habits breed successful outcomes

The quickest way that I know of to becoming a success in whatever it is that you want to do is simply to do this.

You need to become a student of successful habits.

Study and learn from the people who inspire you.

What do they do so that success becomes easier for them?

One of the people I studied who had plenty of successful habits was a man by the name of Michael Jordan.

Some of you might know him as the Chicago Bulls basketball legend.

However I know him as the true picture of what can happen when you have successful habits.

Game wining shots.

League leading scoring average.

Six time champion

How did he do all of these things?

Well one of the ways he did it was by forming successful habits that he could go to time and time again to get predictable results.

Coming out hours before the game and getting a feel for the court and baskets he would later be playing on.

Continously analyzing his opponents.

Finding their weakness and exploiting it.

He studied the part of the game that very few people wanted to learn.

The mental side.

He knew that every player had a weakness..and it was his job to find it.

That’s how he achieved greatness.

And you can achieve greatness as well.

But only when you find the successful habits that will make becoming a success much easier.



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