GM finally gets the message…Maybe

It seems as though the general is finally getting the message.

While browsing the news this morning, I saw reports that GM is now considering dumping some of it’s brands.

Pontiac, Saturn, hummer, and Saab could be gone.

This is what’s needed to bring GM back from possible extinction.

What GM has to do is loose its ego.

In the new economy small will be the new big.

No longer will it be a good thing to do to grow your company into a huge monster employing millions.

Flexibilty, speed and acuracy will be the new “it” words.


Why black friday sales might not be such a good idea

What kind of black Friday ads will you be using this Friday?

Big sales with fifty to eighty percent off.

Or how about buy one get one free.

These are some of trusted tools used on black Friday in the past.

But will they still work in todays troubled economy?

Here’s the problem with screaming sale, sale, sale.

You teach people to wait for you to drop the price.

Even if they can afford to buy products from you they don’t.

The reason being that they don’t want to feel like they missed out on a better deal. Call it buyers regret.

So if discounting isn’t always a great idea…then what should you do?

The highest number of sales will come when you pre-sell them throughout the year.

What you have to do give them reasons to buy from you before black Friday.

People are creatures of habit. Once they have established a pattern for buying from you then they will continue to do so even on black Friday.

How to rebuild GM

Rebuilding GM is not as hard as some people might think.

Here’s what I would do to put the general back into the top dog spot.

Get back to the original idea upon which general motors was to be built.

3 brands. That’s it.

There should be one brand aimed at the person who is working and looking for the first new low priced car.

Next there should be a brand aimed at the person who’s moving up the ranks at their job. Higher priced than the first brand.

Then there should be a brand aimed at the person who has achieved success.

Why would I only have these three brands?

Because having to many choices can kill a sale.

GM has to make it easier to buy one of their cars than it is not to buy from them.

Right now they have too many brands competing with each other for limited sales.

Then consider that there are more cars being put on the road then there is space for those cars to travel.

GM doesn’t benefit from being the worlds largest auto maker when economic times call for a quick turnover of products.

They need to shake the idea of being largest and instead adopt the idea of being the quickest and most nimble.

Going forward in the new economy size will matter. But not in the traditional sense.

In the new economy smaller will be better.

Is the new blackberry storm the true iphone killer?

So today I’m watching the local news and a report comes on about the new blackberry storm.

I’ve never owned a blackberry product.

However I know of people who do have them and use them everyday.

That being said.

I do own an iPhone.

And the iPhone in my opinion will remain at the top of the list for most popular smartphone.

There are just too many manufacturers who make products that use the iPhone as an accessory.

It’s a classic case of the iPhone owning “toma”

Toma stands for top of mind awareness.

As apples ability to maintain toma continues to grow… The blackberry storm will be considered a touch screen like the iPhone.

What’s important to understand here is that people will use the iPhone as the standard by which they compare everything else.

For ex.

Oh is that the new blackberry storm?
It has a touchscreen that works like the iPhone.

Here’s the marketing lesson.

One of your goals with your product or service should be to achieve toma.

When you do this you become the standard by which everything else is compared.

Another point to consider is I haven’t logged into my blog account using my laptop or pc in over 3 weeks now. All of these posts come from my wordpress app on my iPhone.

What are the secrets to success?

The secrets of success.

What exactly are they?

Do they even exist?

You’ve heard people talk about success secrets.

Here’s my take on this subject.

There are no specific secrets that you can say will lead to success every single time they are used.

Taking a page from Einstein, I would say that success is relative.

What worked for donald trump doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

The situations in which you are using these secrets are different. You therefore have to make adjustments to the ideas to fit your current situation.

You can definitely use the wisdom of people who have done what you are trying to do.

However you still need to do your part to make them work.

The truth about the economy

Is the u.s. Economy on the verge of collaspe?

Not at all.

Like everything in life, change is necessary.

Nothing ever stays the same forever.

What’s needed now is a new type of economy. One that is built on transparency.

No more hiding behind the numbers.

At any given moment, people need to know the most current information available about a company.

The quicker people start to realize this the faster the turnaround will be.

The answer to your previous question

In my previous post I wrote about a simple strategy for improving your life and your business.

The answer was reading.

However, I didn’t say what kind of reading.

Here’s your answer.

Business how to’s.

How to start and run a business.
How to market a business.
How to get and keep customers.

Reading books about business how to’s will serve you well when economic times are good and even when times are bad.