How to rebuild GM

Rebuilding GM is not as hard as some people might think.

Here’s what I would do to put the general back into the top dog spot.

Get back to the original idea upon which general motors was to be built.

3 brands. That’s it.

There should be one brand aimed at the person who is working and looking for the first new low priced car.

Next there should be a brand aimed at the person who’s moving up the ranks at their job. Higher priced than the first brand.

Then there should be a brand aimed at the person who has achieved success.

Why would I only have these three brands?

Because having to many choices can kill a sale.

GM has to make it easier to buy one of their cars than it is not to buy from them.

Right now they have too many brands competing with each other for limited sales.

Then consider that there are more cars being put on the road then there is space for those cars to travel.

GM doesn’t benefit from being the worlds largest auto maker when economic times call for a quick turnover of products.

They need to shake the idea of being largest and instead adopt the idea of being the quickest and most nimble.

Going forward in the new economy size will matter. But not in the traditional sense.

In the new economy smaller will be better.


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