Why black friday sales might not be such a good idea

What kind of black Friday ads will you be using this Friday?

Big sales with fifty to eighty percent off.

Or how about buy one get one free.

These are some of trusted tools used on black Friday in the past.

But will they still work in todays troubled economy?

Here’s the problem with screaming sale, sale, sale.

You teach people to wait for you to drop the price.

Even if they can afford to buy products from you they don’t.

The reason being that they don’t want to feel like they missed out on a better deal. Call it buyers regret.

So if discounting isn’t always a great idea…then what should you do?

The highest number of sales will come when you pre-sell them throughout the year.

What you have to do give them reasons to buy from you before black Friday.

People are creatures of habit. Once they have established a pattern for buying from you then they will continue to do so even on black Friday.


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