Are you ready to turn your website into a cash machine

I’ll be writing a new series of posts titled – 10 questions you need to ask yourself if your site isn’t making any sales.

The answers to these questions could be the difference between making a hundred dollars and making ten thousand.

You can even use what you’re going to discover to create a series of successful websites that sell products or services for you,

Be sure to check back to this site.



Are you tired of worrying about the economy

How much more fun would your life be if you didn’t, have to worry about the economy.

If you didn’t have to hear about another bailout for corporate America.

Where is your bailout?

Here’s how I want to help you through these troubling times.

One of my personal pet projects has been to create a community of high achievers.

Way before the economy headed south I started this community site.

However, I let the project fall behind.

But now I want to start it up again because I think it’s needed now more than ever.

You can check it out by going here.