A success tip that requires almost no investment, and you can begin using within 5 minutes of reading this message

Without a doubt…

Having a blog to use as a marketing tool is a really good idea.

It lets you keep in touch with your market…build trust with your readers…and offers a simple way to make a soft offer of your products.

However, what most people don’t understand about having a blog is that in order for you to get readers on a regular basis, you have to build up momentum.

You have to post to your blog on a regular basis in order to see traffic come by and read what you have to offer.

This was something that I always kind of knew….

But didn’t fully follow.

Until now.

Keep in mind that I operate 4 different blogs. So keeping them all up to date was really time consuming.

A post here, a post there….

That type of strategy never really turned out to be a winner.

However, by changing the way I used time,  I changed my results.

I’ve set limits on how much time I’ll spend on any one of my blogs. when that time is up, I move to the next blog.

That one step has allowed me to build momentum for each of my blogs.

And now the blogs are starting to take shape.

Try it.

Set time limits for your blogs.

Heck, set time limits for everything you do.

In a future post I’m going to talk about how you can use time as a tool to leapfrog your way to success.


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