Add an exta stream of traffic to your blog

Image by aloshbennett via Flickr

Here’s a “look Ma, no hands” approach to getting traffic to visit your blog.

Communicate with the people whom you would like to drop by your blog.

Visit their blogs and join in on the conversation that’s going on there.

Post your comments to their blogs.

Do a google search for blogs that are based on your topic of choice and start communicating.

This will breed trust in you from the owners of that blog over time.

Oh, and don’t spam the blogs that you do find.

Forget about buying some nifty piece of software to make posting quicker, easier and faster.

Do the grunt work yourself.

Show the blog owner that you are a real person with opinions and views.

And pretty soon traffic will start to trickle in.

Then that traffic starts to gain momentum, and you will start to gather a following.

From there it’s just rinse and repeat.

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  1. great advice to building blog traffic or any kind of traffic to a website. find a relevant medium and inform; there’s never a need to spam. be a part of the community! if your blog is really worthy, people will come! (=

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