Would it be fair to say…..

General Motors Corporation
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I told you so…..

In one of my earlier posts on this blog I wrote about how to rebuild GM.

My ideas centered around shrinking GM to just three core brands.

Basically it was simply going back to how the original creator of GM, William (Bill) Durant started the company.

For some reason beyond my belief though, GM still wants to hold on to GMC.

This could work if they make only a specific heavy duty truck.

However, if GMC makes any kind of product that is similar to their other products, more specifically Cheverolet – then they will strip sales away from the other brands.

In truth, now is not the time for the General to get sentimental with it’s brands.

By it’s own mis-handling of their company, they are now forced to take a hard stance in order to get back to profitability.

And if I were talking to the heads of GM, I’d simply tell them to pay attention to your customers.

There were plenty of indicators that consumers were falling out of love with the products that GM was producing long before they made it to the situation that they are in now.

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