Is the new blackberry storm the true iphone killer?

So today I’m watching the local news and a report comes on about the new blackberry storm.

I’ve never owned a blackberry product.

However I know of people who do have them and use them everyday.

That being said.

I do own an iPhone.

And the iPhone in my opinion will remain at the top of the list for most popular smartphone.

There are just too many manufacturers who make products that use the iPhone as an accessory.

It’s a classic case of the iPhone owning “toma”

Toma stands for top of mind awareness.

As apples ability to maintain toma continues to grow… The blackberry storm will be considered a touch screen like the iPhone.

What’s important to understand here is that people will use the iPhone as the standard by which they compare everything else.

For ex.

Oh is that the new blackberry storm?
It has a touchscreen that works like the iPhone.

Here’s the marketing lesson.

One of your goals with your product or service should be to achieve toma.

When you do this you become the standard by which everything else is compared.

Another point to consider is I haven’t logged into my blog account using my laptop or pc in over 3 weeks now. All of these posts come from my wordpress app on my iPhone.