Learn the often missed warning signs that can lead to success

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An often missed warning sign that most people overlook when it comes to creating their own success is to simply find a product or service in a particular market that is creating a “disruption,” and either work with that company or sell their products or services.

By a disruption I mean that the normal way of doing things can be done in a much simpler way that is totally different then what people are used to.

For example.

How could apple come in so easily and take market share in the phone industry from well established phone makers like nokia and motorola?

Apple did it by creating a disruption.

They changed the way you used, and thought about your cell phone.

Touch screens, simple interfaces. These things allowed you to do the same things as handheld and flip phones, make calls, access stored information on the phone – but just more efficiently.

In fact, if you want to learn more about how to successfully create disruptions in markets, than apple is a good company to follow and study.

They also created a disruption in the music handset market with the ipod.

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