Successful habits breed successful outcomes

The quickest way that I know of to becoming a success in whatever it is that you want to do is simply to do this.

You need to become a student of successful habits.

Study and learn from the people who inspire you.

What do they do so that success becomes easier for them?

One of the people I studied who had plenty of successful habits was a man by the name of Michael Jordan.

Some of you might know him as the Chicago Bulls basketball legend.

However I know him as the true picture of what can happen when you have successful habits.

Game wining shots.

League leading scoring average.

Six time champion

How did he do all of these things?

Well one of the ways he did it was by forming successful habits that he could go to time and time again to get predictable results.

Coming out hours before the game and getting a feel for the court and baskets he would later be playing on.

Continously analyzing his opponents.

Finding their weakness and exploiting it.

He studied the part of the game that very few people wanted to learn.

The mental side.

He knew that every player had a weakness..and it was his job to find it.

That’s how he achieved greatness.

And you can achieve greatness as well.

But only when you find the successful habits that will make becoming a success much easier.



Can you actually get rich quick online?

73330181.jpgOne my favorite things to do in my spare time is to test out other marketers claims about their products or services. I’ll order up what they have to offer and see if it acually does what they promise it will do.

Around 90% of the time most of the products that you see offered online don’t really do what their owners said that it could do..or you might see them throw in a qualification to have as a back door to sneak out of when you ask for a refund.

They might say something like…” you didn’t follow all of the steps exactly and that’s why you didn’t see the results you were promised.”

But all of the time they know that by giving you multiple tasks that require a lot of thinking or labor on your part..then the chances of you actually doing them become much less.

So one day while going through my messages from my online subscribers..I was asked a question that I thought I’d share my answer to with you here on this blog.

I was asked if it’s really possible to get rich quick online.

And I’m going to give you the honest answer that should make your future choices much easier to make in this area.

Can you get rich online without having to do very much work.

The truth is Yes but...

And what’s important here is to understand that three letter word but…

You can actually get rich selling for example information products online..but only after you’ve created all of the products

Created all of the ads

Created your email list

Created your website…

And to do that requires a ton of work upfront.

Now once you’ve done that… then you can indeed generate a passive income that requires a minimal amount of labor on your part.

So you can get rich and build a passive income online..but necessarily quick.. and it will require some work..


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How free are you? Probably not as free as you might think

73046654.jpgYour fears, doubts, anxieties, resentments, addictions…etc…

These are the tools used by your ego to control your behavior and life choices.

If you currently are at a point in your life where you are unhappy with your accomplishments..then you can rest assured that some of these tools of your ego are to blame.

Anytime your negative emotions become strong enought to control your life..they can control your behavior as well..and therby limit your choices in life and will overrule any attempt on your part to attract anything positive to you.

So what should you do then?

You’ve got to decide right now to shoot down all of the negativity in your life.

You’ve got to decide that from today won’t live in the past.

Your future is far to important to be worried about the past.


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How to turn your “plain desire” into a Unstoppable Burning Desire

74323236.jpgI recently lost 75 pounds.

And would you believe that it wasn’t no where near as hard as I thought it would be.

There I was all of those years thinking that losing weight was something that only people with strong will power could do.

Surely not me…

Not the guy who loved to munch on the double cheeseburger with all of the toppings

But I was wrong.

Dead wrong…

I lost the weight without starving myself…

Without going on some fad diet

And most importantly…

I lost the weight without losing my dignity by first dropping the pounds and then beginning the process of putting them back on.


But get this…

The method I used for losing weight can be applied to anything you want to accomplish in your life.

Want a better job?

Want to meet your perfect mate?

Want to start your own business?

I know that achieving those things to some of you might sound like hype..

However..I challenge you to try what I’m about to reveal to you and see if it doesn’t start to produce results for you.

Basically what I did was build a burning desire for what I wanted..

Which in this case was to loose weight.

You see most people come up short in the burning desire department.

They think that because they really want someting that it can be called a burning desire.

Not so..

A burning desire is way different then a mild want.

Think of this kind of desire as when a man who can’t swim is suddenly thrown in the water with no life jacket.

What do you think is on his mind while he’s in the water?

Maybe he’s wondering if he left the ice cream sitting out on the table.

Or maybe he’s thinking if he should take advantage of the buy one get one free sale at the tire change place..

Don’t think so.

The only thing that would be on his mind would be air.

Or better yet how to get to air.

There would not be any other thoughts on his mind..

and in so doing..he would be laser focused on his task at hand.

That’s an example of a burning desire.

But how do you create this kind of desire?

It’s simple.

You have make whatever it is you desire your most dominant thought.

You have to think about it when you first get up in the morning.

When you go to sleep at night.

When you’re driving to work.

When you’re coming home from work.

When you’re standing in the checkout line.

The point I’m trying to make here is this.

You have to continuously feed your mind images of the desire you want to obtain.

That’s how you make it a burning desire.

That’s what I did.

Every single day.

Mental pictures of the body I wanted to have.

I talked as if I already had this new body.

I went and purchased new clothes for this new look..

Before I went to sleep…I put myself in situations where having this new body would be of benefit to me.

And it was by doing that simple task everyday..along with regular execise..nothing fancy..just 5 minutes on a stationary bike along with eating at least six times a day…that I developed a burning desire.

You can’t mis any days while you’re doing this.


Because each day your’re adding fuel to the fire..and one missed day is like letting the fire die down…

And you don’t want that.

I made losing weight the center of my life. It was all I could think and talk about.

My friends even got tired of me going on about my goal.

But it didn’t matter…

Because one of the things you will find as you make your journey down the road to success is that not everybody wants to see you become as successful as you would like to be.

If you achieve success then you don’t give them justification in having a dull life.

When you move on to a higher level of achievement..then they now can’t use you as their crutch for not achieving better things for themselves.

Reality creeps in…and they have to look at the fact that they are responsible for their life being what it is and not you.

And that’s not something that they want to do..

Want to know something else….

Those same people who got tired of me going on about losing the weight are now the same ones asking me..

How did you do it?

What’s your secret?

Can you teach me?

And now I just smile and laugh..


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How to turn your misfortune into a pot of gold that you can cash in on

75559489.jpgEver since I can remember..I was always a fan of how things worked online.

Specifically how people were able to create an ongoing income online.

This was a question that I would often ask people who I came across who were making a significant amount of money in their own business online.

Where did they get their idea from?

How did they fund their business?

what did they do when cashflow started to slow down.

These were just some of the questions I desperately wanted answered… you can imagine..getting the answers to those questions wasn’t easy.

For someone to just tell me their process of making money online was like asking for their social security number.

In other words..they wanted to keep their process a secret.

So that then left me with the question of what could I do to get these answers?

what I did next was simple.

I used the power of observation to see what was going on with their business.

and in doing so…

I noticed…

Two words…

Well make that three.

Compare and contrast.

Showing your previous screw ups and how you were able to turn things around goes a long way towards building and gaining trust.

Imagine when someone that you don’t even know is willing to share with you how bad things were before the fancy cars.

Before the month long vacations…

Before the lavish parties..

If they told you that they were just days away from foreclosure of their home.

Or that their car was just reposessed and now they had to work out a way to keep their job.

You’d slowly begin to let your guard down a little.

You might know of someone who personally went through what they were going through.

Or you might be going through it yourself…

The point here is this…

To start building a solid business that brings you more profits and more sales than your competition..

Show your before and after…

Think Subway..and Jared..

Think Jenny Craig…

Think proactive…

Nothing but before’s and after’s

So what kind of before and after can you offer your market?


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How to have hundreds of money making ideas right at your fingertips

75627918.jpgThis is really a simple idea..but very few people tend to do it.

Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet..

They all do what I’m about to reveal to you..and look where it took them..

And here it is.

They all suspend their judgement and harness the ideas they come up with.

No matter how crazy it may sound..they always jot them down.

And you should too.

I have what I like to call an idea bank.

It’s just a notepad that I use to put down my ideas.

Some of them will be worth pursuing..

And some won’ least not now that is.

But that doesn’t matter..the idea here is that you need to get them on paper.

Do this every day for a month.

Then after you’ve generated your ideas, start to explore if they have potential to bring you a profit.’ll still want to at least one day out of the week..just spend time on coming up with new ideas.

And then repeat the process of exploring if the ideas have profitable potential.

You see..after doing this for a while you’ll have hundreds of ideas right at your fingertips just waiting to be explored.


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Without a doubt this has got to be one of the best kept copywriting secrets you could have for getting a higher conversion rate

75627803.jpgAs a copywriter…I have had the joy of learning from some of the best minds in the business.

questions about how to write copy that sells..

How to craft headlines that grabs your attention..

If you can think of it..then I’ve asked and learned how to do it.

Not to mention all of the continuos learning I do…

From reading the newest books on the joining popular newsletter lists…I’m always studying and improving my skills..

That being said…

One of the truly golden secrets to writing compelling copy I actually picked up from a very poopular fiction author you might know.

His name is Stephen King.

Yeah..I know..he’s not a copywriter..but he’s still one of the greatest writers for anyone to learn from.

Even a copy cub like me.


As I was siting down in my favorite chair reading one of his books..

I realized how good he was at taking words and using them as a canvas to painting the pictures he wanted me to see in my mind.

The details..


Vivid images

He used these tools and much more.

Now understand this..

The minute you learn how to paint pictures in the minds of your readers that trigger their imaginations..I can guarantee you that you will see a huge increase in your sales.

But how do you learn to do that?

How do you paint pictures in the minds of your readers?

The answer is simple.

You have to show them..and not just tell them.

Don’t just tell them they can make a lot of money…

Show them.

Show them step by step how it’s done. Describe what’s going on while this process is being completed.

Don’t just say they can meet the woman of their dreams using your product.

Show them.

Show them the situations that they will be in and how your product will come to the rescue.

Show them the final outcome..

When you start to do this on a regular basis, you’ll be much happier and richer for knowing how to do so.